About Us

Our Vision

At SuperInterns.com, we believe every organization, regardless of size or scope, can benefit from working with interns. Likewise, every career seeker has incredible potential than can be unlocked if given an opportunity to develop. We’re passionate about empowering organizations and career seekers with our growth-oriented services.

Our Mission

We support millions of people by helping businesses acquire interns, and interns acquire experience.

All-Star Squad

We are a group of passionate, diverse people who believe in our vision of making the world a better place.

Our Values

Our values are the driving forces behind decisions we make, and integral for reaching our goals.

Our Founder

Super Julie

Julie Braun by night, Super Julie by day! Of course, this only applies when she actually takes a break. She wasn’t bitten by a spider or exposed to Kryptonite. Instead, her experience led to an epiphany that changed her vision for impacting businesses and career seekers worldwide.

Executive Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer, Creative Director, Julie has done it all in her corporate career. She played an integral role in increasing profits of Carter’s Childrenswear from $500 million to over $1 billion. Julie has held top positions at renowned organizations like Victoria’s Secret, MTV, Bath and Body Works, Estée Lauder, and Nike. But her passion and drive could be satiated by none.

It was an electric epiphany! Clouds rolled in, rain poured, lightning struck, she guzzled her coffee – this was Seattle, after all. In that moment, Julie Braun became Super Julie, and it was time to start a new company of her own. Since the birth of SuperInterns.com, Super Julie has been enhancing ROI for businesses, empowering interns, and coaching careers.

Our Company

Super Julie’s first entrepreneurial experiment was a marketing consultation business. Six weeks in, she woke up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat, thinking, "Oh my God, I am going to fail. I can’t achieve my vision. I need some help." The next morning, she decided to make a change and hire virtual interns.

In the year 2000, the first seed of SuperInterns.com was planted, long before anyone knew what telecommuting or working virtually was. We know how virtual interns can change the future of a business, and shape the career of a job seeker. Most of all, we know that we can achieve our vision of making the world a better place, one Super Intern at a time.

We are here to solve two problems. First, businesses need dedicated workers to help make their vision a reality. Second, you can’t get a job without experience, but for experience, you need a job. This vicious cycle has been the downfall of job seekers everywhere. We benefit both sides of the equation by building systems, processes and relationships between these two groups.