Are You Treating Your Interns the Right Way?

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treating your interns

So you’ve decided to bring on some interns to help grow your business. You certainly aren’t alone—as much as 73% of businesses are bringing on interns, according to the SWOSU Blog. But are you treating your interns the right way? It’s an important question. Interns can be great tools for your business—they probably have some schooling and knowledge of recent … Read More

Top 3 Reasons to Invest in Virtual Interns

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We’ve talked about the benefit of interns in the past. They are great for time-saving and efficiency. Interns help save money and are the perfect way for you to groom future employees. However, if getting a physical intern to you is difficult — virtual interns might be for you. VIRTUAL INTERNS COME FROM EVERYWHERE One of the largest benefits a … Read More

Why Your Small Business Will Benefit from Interns

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small business

As spring approaches, the typical swarm of summer internships accompanies it. A fresh batch of eager college students and hopeful young adults is awaiting their introduction to the workforce. But how does this affect you? The advantages of hiring interns are copious, especially for your small business! Why Interns Matter In Small Business As a small company, it’s unlikely that … Read More

Will You Be Spring Cleaning Your Small Business?

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spring cleaning

February heat waves bring in March cleaning sprees! As the crazy weather sweeps our nation and the globe, it’s time to think about both purging your wardrobe and cleaning out your business! Whether you’re starting new programs, hiring interns, or simply just taking out the trash, spring cleaning madness can jump start new opportunities for your business. GET ONLINE One … Read More

Meet Nana, Our Outstanding Social Media Specialist!

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social media specialist

Written by Olivia Ferrucci Here at, we love to showcase our most hardworking, innovative team members. This month’s featured teammate is Nana Darko, our outstanding social media specialist! Recently, we talked to Nana about his education, inspirations, and how working with has helped him. Read on to learn more about our extraordinary Teammate of the Month! Tell us … Read More

Spring into a New Internship Program

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New Internship Program

Spring time is always a breath of fresh air. The snow has completely melted away, the rain has stopped, and the flowers have blossomed. This weather motivates many people around the world to get out and do something with their lives and it can motivate you, too! If you’re running a business, then maybe it’s time to try something new. … Read More

Following Up on a New Generation of Interns

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new generation

Written by Noelle Schrock Last March, we discussed the gritty details of Generation Z’s various strengths and demands here. As internships are ever evolving, interns of the new generation are, too! Let’s Recap In the original post, we explained that this new generation is vastly different from its predecessors. First of all, they prioritize interest over financial gain. Furthermore, Generation … Read More

Building Teams Is Essential For Your Business

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building teams

Written by Olivia Ferrucci No matter how great the idea behind your business, no company can thrive without employees. In addition, making sure that your workers are properly organized is important. Your staff will work both efficiently and productively when you divide positions into a series of functional categories. Building teams and adding just a few structural changes will allow … Read More

Go from Intern to Manager with a Virtual Internship!

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A couple years ago, we published a video called “Virtual Internships – How to Jump from Intern to Manager.” Today, we’re going to cover that topic with a bit more detail. Below are some of the steps you should take if you don’t want to stay an intern forever. Introduce yourself! This might seem obvious, but as a new intern, … Read More

The Millennial Impact on Interning

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Written by Noelle Schrock Last month, we published a blog about The Millennial Impact on Entrepreneurship. This post is the second in a new series of blogs about millennials and their impact on the business world. As a new class of college seniors is getting ready to graduate in a few months, hundreds of millennials will be joining the work … Read More

Asking Employees to Mentor Teammates

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mentor teammates

Written by Noelle Schrock Whether you’re interning or have been with a business for over 15 years, the opportunity to mentor teammates and be mentored is priceless. Having a guide to turn to is essential to helping interns settle into their new job. Also, being mentored ensures interns will be more successful! But that’s not all a mentoring program can … Read More

Meet Janae’, Our Outstanding Graphic Design Extraordinaire!

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graphic design extraordinaire

Written by Jaydah Jacobs Here at, we celebrate exceptional teammates every month. This month, we applaud Janae’ Harris for her amazing skills as a graphic design extraordinaire! Recently, we talked to Janae’ about her talents, motivations, and experience at Continue reading to learn more about our newest teammate of the Month! TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF “I’m a senior … Read More