Building Your Internship Program: Blogging

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Congratulations, you’ve created a virtual intern program! Now you’re probably thinking ’what’s next?’ In this series we’ll show how to develop four types of virtual internship programs, starting with blogging. Why Blogging? Blogging can help you reach new customers, increase sales, or even recruit talent. Starting a blog can be daunting, but virtual interns can help! Here’s how to get … Read More

The Evolution of Branding: Sacred Stories Media

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The Evolution of Branding: Sacred Stories Media October 10, 2017/Sheirah Wilson   When interfaith, interspiritual minister, Rev. Patricia Caggenello set out on her spiritual journey she had no idea of the far reach it would have in helping others in their quest for spiritual knowledge and a deeper soul connection with Spirit. Nor the many platforms that would be used … Read More

How To Write a Virtual Internship Description

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How To Write a Virtual Internship Description September 2017/Sheirah Wilson So, your business is doing great! Clients are happy! The work is flowing keeping your employees’ plates full of projects to complete! But now a few of your departments need a bit of extra help staying on top of the daily duties. Now might be the perfect time to take … Read More

How to Create an Internship: Step 3!

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 STEP 3: Hiring on Virtual Interns to the Team! Sep 2017 / Elizabeth Sanchez Great job! We’re almost finished, and now we can move onto the final step of the process. Here you will learn how to search for prospective candidates for a virtual intern team and how to hire on those who would most benefit your virtual internship program. … Read More

How to Create an Internship: Step 2!

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STEP 2: Creating the Program. Sep 2017 / Elizabeth Sanchez Now that you’ve gathered the reasons why and how having a virtual internship could benefit your business next is creating the master plan of the program. Have you created… Hours/Locations? Where would you locate your program? Have you thought of a virtual internship? A virtual internship is a process of where … Read More

Re-Entering Society After Prison… Now What?

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When someone finishes their time in prison, they often find themselves at the start of a whole new chapter in their lives. Unfortunately, for many of them, this new start isn’t as bright and hopeful as it sounds. The Risk Of Hiring Someone Who Was In Prison Studies have shown that ex-convicts face all kinds of biases and restrictions when attempting … Read More

How to Create a Virtual Internship 101

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 Three Easy Steps to Creating a Virtual Internship! Sep 2017 / Elizabeth Sanchez So, you’ve started a company, congratulations! You’ve worked out all the kinks and wrinkles on how to get the work flowing and client list growing! Looks like you are in a perfect position to consider creating a virtual internship program! But how exactly does one create a … Read More

Diversity and Representation: The Hate U Give

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This year, a book called The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas was published. It received wide acclaim and praise from critics. The book covers the story of a young black girl who witnesses a police shooting of a black boy her age. The shooting hits her hard because she used to be close friends with him. The book then … Read More

Combating Bullying In Your Workplace

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Who can stop bullying from happening in the workplace The answer to the question who can stop bullying in your company is pretty simple. The answer is YOU can be the one who prevents this issue in your workplace. There are many ways you can make sure that your company is a bully-free environment. Some examples are • Having an … Read More

Meet Crystal, Our Virtual Intern of the Month!

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Every month, we choose an intern from our team that most embodies our mission. We want people that are passionate, dedicated, and pursuing our goal: helping millions of people. This month’s Teammate of the Month is Crystal Alvarez, from HRTAS! Crystal is the recently promoted supervisor of her team and has been a fair and hard-working member of our … Read More

How Do YOU Celebrate Women in the Workplace?

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The world has been paying more attention to women lately, but International Women’s Day isn’t your only chance to celebrate their roles in the workplace. In fact, there are easy ways to truly integrate progress into your workplace, and the benefits that come with this are sure to help both your employees and your business. Don’t Let Women Celebrate Women … Read More

Market Your Virtual Internships to Younger Generations

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market your internship

By Jaydah Jacobs Every year on college campuses across the country, career fairs are used to get millennials’ attention. Companies deliver information about their hiring process and other company information people would want to know. This method is one that many companies have invested in. But it’s not as effective as it used to be. The newest way for young … Read More

Grant Writing 101

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grant writing

Grant writing is an important, but often overlooked, part of the business growth process. A company with a good grant writer can find ways to make money and support itself. It can also be a way to do good in the community—there are often grants for projects that benefit both the company and help others in some way. But how … Read More