Including Internship Experience on your Resumé

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Many college graduates have entered the working world and as the summer drags on, they’ll be updating their resumés. Many of these graduates will be trying to find a way to include the internships they completed during their four years. There are several rookie mistakes they will make as they try to include these experiences in a way that will … Read More

Can Virtual Interns Help Create Mentorship Programs?

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mentorship program

By Noelle Schrock Interns are essential to any business. They do entry-level work and are learning effective skills to help the company progress. In some of our past blogs, we’ve talked about asking employees to mentor teammates. We discussed how mentoring programs can be beneficial for both the mentor and the mentee. However, these relationships can be taken a step … Read More

Virtual Internship Testimonial

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One thing those of us here at like to do is keep up with our interns after they leave us. Not only is it fun to see how successful they become, but it’s always great to get feedback about how their virtual internship helped them learn and gain experience. Morgan Shulski’s Testimonial One of the most important aspects of … Read More

Good Mentor vs Bad Mentor

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When you think of the word “mentor,” what are some of the things that come to your mind? For many, it means coach, advisor, instructor and more! Some may even believe that it means you’re attentive and give good advice, but it goes way beyond that. There’s actually a thin line between what could make you a good mentor versus … Read More

The Cover Letter, Your Key to Switching Careers

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cover letter

Changing careers is a stressful time for many reasons. One of which is trying to remember how to format a proper application. A cover letter is the company’s first impression of you. It outlines why you should receive the position and your key qualifications. Oh, the Dreaded Cover Letter! Sometimes it feels like there are so many things to worry … Read More

How a Virtual Internship Program Will Grow Your Business

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By Jaydah Jacobs Starting up your business and branding yourself as an entrepreneur was probably one of your biggest accomplishments. It was as if a heavy burden was raised off your shoulders, and you feel free again. You might have had this feeling that you could do anything, and attempted to grow your business. The only problem is that you … Read More

4 Mistakes to Avoid When Applying to a Virtual Internship

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Applying to an internship can be stressful—but it doesn’t have to be! Internships are great opportunities. A Texas study showed that graduates who completed internships were 13% more likely to find a full-time job after graduation. They were also happier with their job outcomes (35.3% vs. 28.9%) than those who did not complete an internship (read more about this study … Read More

Acknowledging African-American Female Entrepreneurs

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female entrepreneur

Women make up a large part of the entrepreneurial market. The history of women in the workforce is long and riddled with difficulty, therefore, it’s important to recognize their contributions. African American women in particular face heavy struggles, often made even more difficult by the intersection of sexism and racism in their pursuit of entrepreneurial success. Here are some of … Read More

How Marketing Virtual Interns Are Changing the Game

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marketing interns

Marketing is a huge part of a successful business. Presenting your business in an appealing way is how you draw in customers. It takes creativity and innovation, and a good way to keep things fresh is to bring in marketing interns. Here are some ideas for how you can use a marketing intern to help benefit your business. Have marketing … Read More

How to Use Social Media Virtual Interns

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social media interns

Social media is everywhere. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram… and if there is a business that isn’t on some sort of platform, then it is at a serious disadvantage. It’s become an integral part of the marketing strategy. But, suppose you aren’t all that tech-savvy. Or maybe you just don’t have the time to go from Facebook to Twitter to Pinterest to … Read More

Go From Startup to Small Business with Virtual Interns

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Startup to Small Business

Are you tired of dreaming of goals that you haven’t been able to meet? For example, have you planned to take your startup company to the next level but just don’t know how to? If you’ve found yourself in this position, then you might need help going from startup to small business. One of the best ways to simplify that … Read More

Sick? Caught Lying? How to Handle Tough Intern Situations

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Running a business is no easy task, even for more seasoned entrepreneurs. From supervising employees and interns to managing the business itself, things can get difficult. This is why, as a businessman or woman, you need to stay a few steps ahead-especially when dealing with new employees or interns. Keep reading and we’ll tell you how to prepare for tough … Read More

Take Your Virtual Internship Etiquette to the Next Level with These Tips!

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Congrats, you have your internship! After months of job hunting and résumé refining, your hard work has paid off. Now it’s time to think about how to present yourself in your everyday internship life. Whether it’s just smiling at work or knowing what to say yes to, internship etiquette is key to a successful experience. BE POSITIVE Smiling seems like … Read More

How to Say Goodbye to Your Best (and Worst!) Virtual Interns

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say goodbye to your interns

By Claire Coons The day has come—after a few months, it’s time to say goodbye to your interns. Most of them were probably great—punctual, creative, hard-working. Some, though, were probably… not-so-great. Here’s the way to say goodbye to your interns-the best (and worst). Say Thank You The Best: Your interns have probably put at least a hundred hours (if … Read More

So You’ve Just Graduated College. . . What’s Next?

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graduated college

As a college senior, graduation is never far from my mind. I have a cap and gown to purchase, papers to finish, and friends to say goodbye to. However, the one thing that keeps popping up is the future. The question, “So what are you going to do now?” has begun to haunt me. We’ve spent four years learning, working, … Read More