Turn Your Passions into Business Opportunities

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business opportunities

Written by Olivia Ferrucci Too often our passions are discredited. Our education and society tell us that money outweighs happiness. However, many people fail to realize that the two can be combined. Doing what you love doesn’t have to be unrealistic! Creating business opportunities based off of your talents is as simple as you making it a priority. KNOW YOUR … Read More

MLK and Diversity in Entrepreneurship

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diversity in entrepreneurship

Written by Jaydah Jacobs As humans, we are all different. This is no surprise to us, yet we are still afraid of those differences. We often surround ourselves with people like ourselves because they make us feel more comfortable. The people you choose to connect with may look, act, talk, or dress like you. You can relate to them and … Read More

Meet Jess, Our Fantastic Graphic Design Extraordinaire!

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graphic design extraordinaire

Written by Noelle Schrock At Superinterns.com, we like to celebrate our hard-working employees. Now, January’s teammate of the month is Jess Spaulding. She is a graphic design extraordinaire and helps create the images you often see on our blog posts. Recently, I talked to Jess about her internship. Read on to learn more about her! TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF “I’m … Read More

Business Opportunities Through Networking

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business opportunities

Written by Jaydah Jacobs Finding the right job or internship can be stressful. Especially when you’re searching for specific business opportunities. You may have made numerous attempts to at least get an interview. But you just haven’t seen the results you’re looking for. Ask yourself one simple question: have I been networking? That may seem odd, but honestly, think about … Read More

This Virtual Internship Rocks! Find Yours Today

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Written by Noelle Schrock It’s always hard to find the right internship for yourself. As a college student, I know that it’s important to get experience in your field before you get a job in your desired industry. However, it can be difficult finding an internship that works with a busy schedule or limited transportation options. That’s why a virtual … Read More

So You’ve Found a Virtual Internship… Now What?

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Written by Olivia Ferrucci Congrats! You’ve landed yourself a virtual internship. However, navigating from here can be tricky. This is especially true when nerves are building! Here at SuperInterns.com, we’ve compiled a list of ways you can make sure you start off on the right foot. 1. KNOW YOUR FACTS FOR YOUR VIRTUAL INTERNSHIP There’s nothing worse than becoming involved … Read More

The Millennial Impact on Entrepreneurship

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Written by Noelle Schrock Millennials are often called lazy. However, as I have studied my own generation, what I’ve found has amazed me. We have been one of the most productive communities. This is especially true of young entrepreneurs. To read more about what millennials have done, check out the Millennial Impact Report. So, how do you become an impactful … Read More

Finding the Right Virtual Internship for You

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virtual internship
This entry is part 1 of 3 in the series Internship Tips

Written by Jaydah Jacobs New Year’s Eve… A night that many people celebrate as they anticipate the hours and minutes until their life is supposed to transform. Expectations have increased, goals have been set and everyone is excited to watch themselves grow as the year progresses. They watch fireworks, drink champagne, and eat good food until the ball drops. But … Read More

Fund Your Internship Program with Kickstarter?

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Written by Sarah Mania Crowdfunding platforms all serve the same purpose. They allow campaigners to find financial support for a variety of causes. Kickstarter is one of such platforms. Anyone with an idea and the need for financial support can start a campaign. But are there limitations to the campaigns that should be crowdfunded? Today, I answer that question in … Read More

Make Onboarding Part of Your Internship Plan

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Basecamp, internships, onboarding, internship plan, new internship, onboarding process, onboarding period, project management

Written by Sarah Mania Starting a new internship can be tough. Interns must learn the lay of the land, while businesses must get used to working with new people. Having an internship plan can help ease the stress, especially if it includes time for onboarding. What is onboarding? Onboarding (also known as orientation) takes place at the beginning of an … Read More

5 Best Company Perks of American Businesses

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company perks, benefits, perks

Written by Renée Townsend Which American firms have the best company perks? Well, that depends on which perks you think are the most important and how important company perks are to you overall. According to a late 2015 survey by Glassdoor, nearly 4 out of 5 (79%) people surveyed wanted more company perks rather than a pay raise. Most women … Read More

Internships: Is ‘Paid or Unpaid’ the Real Debate?

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Today, the “Black Swan” case, which brought the issue of unpaid internships to the fore once again, is close to being settled. Yet, the debate about unpaid internships still rages on. Whenever most of us talk about internships, we think in terms of pay and just compensation. We may also worry about the legal implications. If you’ve watched shows like “Adam … Read More

5 Examples of Bad Company Culture

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company culture

Company culture has to do with a company’s goals, outlooks, and values. Studying a business’s culture explains the way it gets things done. Unfortunately, not all businesses have the best culture. Here are five examples of companies that have won the “Worst Company Culture” superlative on Glassdoor. 1. Family Dollar Company Culture CEO approval rating: 38% Reviews on Glassdoor have … Read More