Business Opportunities: Untapped Markets

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Are you a business owner? Does your product compete with similar ones? Are your business opportunities growing? Or has your audience remained the same size for as long as you can remember? If you answered “yes” to the last question, you might want to consider breaking into a niche market. Aiming your product at a specific group of people could … Read More

Time to Get away from Your Overbearing Boss

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Do you have an overbearing boss? A bad boss will do a variety of things, from violating labor laws to badmouthing employees. This, of course, leads to a toxic work environment and that can’t be good for your health or career. YOU’RE UNDERPAID FOR THE WORK YOU DO Have you worked over 40 hours a week, only to see a … Read More

Don’t Party Too Hard in an Internship Program

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Don't party too hard while trying to find an internship

You are in an internship program and New Orleans is holding its Mardi Gras festivities. You get the chance to go there around Fat Tuesday, you take in the sights, look at the parades, and maybe catch some of the throws. You might be able to attend a ball held by one the krewes. You can find some good, honest fun … Read More

How to Find Work and Break That Job Search Cycle

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How to find work this groundhog day!

Are you wondering how to find work despite being turned down by company after company? Perhaps you are discouraged by your career search because you don’t know exactly what these companies want. Sometimes, you feel like Phil Connors in Groundhog Day, as the cycle repeats ad nauseam. The cycle stopped for him when he figured out what he needed to … Read More

Virtual Internships In the Gaming Industry

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Find an Internship in to break into the video game industry!

Are you looking to get into the video game industry, but you’re not sure where to start? The video game industry is gigantic, and there is no shortage of career opportunities out there. A perfect way of breaking into this competitive field is a virtual internship at!  By applying for one of our virtual internships, you will be one … Read More

Join On Our Weekly Show!

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Introducing our new web streaming show! We here at are excited to announce the launch of our new weekly show on! Starting this Thursday, January 21, at 4 pm PST / 5 pm MST / 6 pm CST / 7 pm EST, will host a live streaming talk show starring our own Super Julie Braun! Each … Read More

This is an Emergency!

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A teacher controlling the situation as it is an emergency as he do. emergency

Life is an unexpected journey. There is no way you can predict the way life will treat you. When facing an unseen problem, the first reaction most people have is to panic. In today’s modern society, there will always be some kind of mishap that will cause panic and confusion. It’s best to know what to do in an emergency. … Read More

Do you consider yourself an approachable boss?

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A mean looking women, questioning others, if she is not approachable or not. approachable

Sometimes it’s hard to get people to like you. When you’re the boss, people look up to you. They turn to you for advice and guidance. However, people might not want to turn to you if you aren’t approachable. I can guarantee you that you will get more work done, at a better turnout, if you follow this simple advice. … Read More

The Importance of Body Language!

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Body language says it all - A picture of Ariel and Eric from the Mermaid. Body speaks

I hate public speaking. When I was in college, I had to take a public speaking class. One of the things that I noticed in that class was the way you could tell if someone was really passionate about their topic. Every time I think of the importance of body language, I always think of The Little Mermaid, when Ariel … Read More

Overcoming Groupthink

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A picture of dogs thinking as a group. Teamwork

I’ll be the first to admit that I prefer working alone. Regardless of preference, some jobs require employees to work in a group setting where problems are bound to happen. People usually focus on problems related to dysfunction; however, having a group that agrees on everything can also cause issues. If you’ve ever been the odd one out in a … Read More

Get Your Work Done By Lunch

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Two skeletons asking for food when they are done with their work. Hardwork

How can you finish work on time? Most workers have the misfortune to have to work throughout the day. They aren’t able to truly relax until the night. Is this the type of worker you want to be? If it is not, then there are a couple of things you can do so that you can finish work as early as … Read More

Social skills are a Dying art

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Picture of a robot trying to eat a burger and saying he does not know social skills. Social skills

Social skills are getting worse as the years go by. Take a walk down a busy city street and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Relationships, whether romantic or otherwise, are being redefined every day. Look, there’s some young couple having a picnic in the park. They seem happy, but who can tell? They’re on their phones. Working from home … Read More

Stuck in Traffic and Bored

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A cat stuck in traffic saying to himself "When I am stuck in traffic, I put on my grumpy cat mask and troll people.". Stuck

When we’re on our way to work, being stuck in traffic is such a bummer. Sometimes we can sit in traffic anywhere from thirty minutes to a few hours. So what exactly do we do with all this time? Not to worry! Super Sandra to the rescue! I’ve compiled a list of fun things to do when you’re alone in … Read More