How to Use Social Media Virtual Interns

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social media interns

Social media is everywhere. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram… and if there is a business that isn’t on some sort of platform, then it is at a serious disadvantage. It’s become an integral part of the marketing strategy. But, suppose you aren’t all that tech-savvy. Or maybe you just don’t have the time to go from Facebook to Twitter to Pinterest to … Read More

Go From Startup to Small Business with Virtual Interns

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Startup to Small Business

Are you tired of dreaming of goals that you haven’t been able to meet? For example, have you planned to take your startup company to the next level but just don’t know how to? If you’ve found yourself in this position, then you might need help going from startup to small business. One of the best ways to simplify that … Read More

Sick? Caught Lying? How to Handle Tough Intern Situations

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Running a business is no easy task, even for more seasoned entrepreneurs. From supervising employees and interns to managing the business itself, things can get difficult. This is why, as a businessman or woman, you need to stay a few steps ahead-especially when dealing with new employees or interns. Keep reading and we’ll tell you how to prepare for tough … Read More

How to Say Goodbye to Your Best (and Worst!) Virtual Interns

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say goodbye to your interns

By Claire Coons The day has come—after a few months, it’s time to say goodbye to your interns. Most of them were probably great—punctual, creative, hard-working. Some, though, were probably… not-so-great. Here’s the way to say goodbye to your interns-the best (and worst). Say Thank You The Best: Your interns have probably put at least a hundred hours (if … Read More

Are You Treating Your Virtual Interns the Right Way?

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treating your interns

So you’ve decided to bring on some interns to help grow your business. You certainly aren’t alone—as much as 73% of businesses are bringing on interns, according to the SWOSU Blog. But are you treating your interns the right way? It’s an important question. Interns can be great tools for your business—they probably have some schooling and knowledge of recent … Read More

Top 3 Reasons to Invest in Virtual Interns

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We’ve talked about the benefit of interns in the past. They are great for time-saving and efficiency. Interns help save money and are the perfect way for you to groom future employees. However, if getting a physical intern to you is difficult — virtual interns might be for you. VIRTUAL INTERNS COME FROM EVERYWHERE One of the largest benefits a … Read More

Why Your Small Business Will Benefit from Virtual Interns

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virtual intern

As spring approaches, the typical swarm of summer internships accompanies it. A fresh batch of eager college students and hopeful young adults is awaiting their introduction to the workforce. But how does this affect you? The advantages of hiring interns are copious, especially for your small business! Why Interns Matter In Small Business As a small company, it’s unlikely that … Read More

Will You Be Spring Cleaning Your Small Business?

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spring cleaning

February heat waves bring in March cleaning sprees! As the crazy weather sweeps our nation and the globe, it’s time to think about both purging your wardrobe and cleaning out your business! Whether you’re starting new programs, hiring interns, or simply just taking out the trash, spring cleaning madness can jump-start new opportunities for your business. GET ONLINE One of … Read More

3 Steps to Clean Up Your Online Presence

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Online presence

Written by Sarah Mania As I’m sure you know, the Internet is full of both great and awful things. Funny Yelp reviews and unflattering photos are part of what makes being online that much more fun. However, sometimes those bits of fun can come back to haunt you. Before the ghost of Internet past comes knocking, jump into the spirit … Read More

Building Teams Is Essential For Your Business

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building teams

Written by Olivia Ferrucci No matter how great the idea behind your business, no company can thrive without employees. In addition, making sure that your workers are properly organized is important. Your staff will work both efficiently and productively when you divide positions into a series of functional categories. Building teams and adding just a few structural changes will allow … Read More

Learn to Delegate, Love Your Job

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learn to delegate

Written by Noelle Schrock It can be exciting to start in a managerial position. Moreover, it is easy to forget that delegating in your new position is important. With new responsibilities comes the desire to prove yourself. However, don’t get too caught up in having control over everything. It is equally as important and impressive if you can show that … Read More

Do What You Love, or Love What You Do?

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love what you do

Written by Olivia Ferrucci The debate between passion and profit is increasingly prevalent in the modern era. It’s a smart one, too. Ensuring your happiness in any field is tricky, especially when deciding between security and the ability to love what you do. Luckily, that’s where we come in! WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE? According to a 2013 Gallup survey, a shocking … Read More

The Importance of Entrepreneurial Ethics

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entrepreneurial ethics

Written by Noelle Schrock A business life should be run with a set of morals and principals, otherwise known as ethics. Entrepreneurial ethics are especially important when advancing the business world. There is always an impulse to smudge the records of certain incidents. These alterations can help make the numbers add up a little better or help your case with … Read More

Business Ethics: Past the Dollar

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Written by Olivia Ferrucci In a world consumed by financial greed, there’s no doubt that large businesses tend to focus on money first. While some might deem this fact natural, it doesn’t have to be. In fact, consumers care about the morals and motivations of the brands they’re buying from. Luckily, improving your business ethics is simple! Why do business … Read More

10 Examples of Socially Responsible Entrepreneurship

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socially responsible entrepreneurship

Written by Noelle Schrock Taking care of our community and our earth has been emphasized in recent years. In the bustling world of business, it can be hard to remember to be socially responsible. It’s especially important to be mindful of socially responsible entrepreneurship as the stress on being aware of the world around us increases. 1. WHAT DOES “SOCIALLY … Read More