How and Why Military Spouse Networking Works

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a woman wearing a backpack stands in front of a building. A group of birds are perched alongside the windows and are on the ground in the background.

Written by David Gilbert 4th Graphic Design by Sandi Brabaw Military Spouse Networking Being a military spouse is like a full-time job without benefits, and no pay. You may find it difficult to maintain a professional career. As you’ve probably figured out, the military wants a lot from you. For instance, you must be able to adapt to drastic change … Read More

The Art of Social Media Marketing

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People in an art museum gather around the statue of Winged Venus.

Written by David Gilbert 4th Graphic Design by Sandi Brabaw The Social Media Marketing Plan Imagine the corporate world as one big art museum. Through social media marketing, you play the role of the artist. Meanwhile, everyone else is the art critics searching for the best artwork to display in their galleries. Your job is to sell your artwork to … Read More

Packaging Yourself for Freelance: Ready, Set, Go!

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A man deep in thought trying to decide if packaging himself for freelance is the right choice for him.

Written by Vidhya Padmanabhan Graphic Design by Gabby Kraus Packaging Yourself for Freelance in the Rising Market Did you know the freelance workforce is expected to rise to 43% by 2020? That’s right! Almost half of America will be engaged in some kind of consulting or freelance services. That’s why this is the perfect time to start thinking about packaging … Read More

How to be Successful in a Social Media Career

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Woman in teal shirt stands in front of Seattle skyline, envisioning applause for her social media career.

Written by Gabriella Lobianco Graphic Design by Andrea Dove Getting Started in a Social Media Career In today’s world, social media careers are one of the fastest growing fields. The objective of being in a social media career is to have your content reach the masses. So how does an individual become successful in this field? Together, we’ll learn more … Read More

Why you Need a Visual Identity for Your Personal Brand and how Stevie Nicks can Help

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Woman stands onstage telling jokes that no one finds funny. She needs a visual identity and a personal brand.

Written by Jennifer Mayberry Graphic Design by Krystn Stockbridge Visual Language. As job seekers today, we’re forced to compete for attention online. Standing out in the endless stream of words can be hard. Images, however, allow viewers to understand ideas in seconds. That’s why a visual identity can help people recognize your brand immediately and remember it later. Visual Identity … Read More

Writing your LinkedIn summary to get the ball rolling!

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LinkedIn Summary writing

 Written by: Vidhya Padmanabhan Graphics by: Gabby Krause HOW WRITING YOUR LINKEDIN SUMMARY CAN GET THE BALL ROLLING IN THE JOB MARKET Gone are the days when people looked for jobs in newspaper classifieds. Filling out online job applications is becoming outdated as well. There is a much better way to reach out to potential employers than wasting hours upon … Read More

Internship Horrors: Tales From the Dark Side

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A girl looks into a dark alley. of internship horrors

Written by Vidhya Padmanabhan Graphics by Gabby Krause Internship Horrors For a lot of people, internships can be that foot in the door to break into the workforce market. It doesn’t matter if you are fresh out of college, looking to switch careers, or trying to bridge the time gap in your resume, internships can be valuable learning experiences.  According … Read More

7 Ways to Cure Job Interview Anxiety

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Doctor Cures Interview Anxiety

Written by David Gilbert 4th Graphic Designs by Krystn Stockbridge Take a Breath, You Passed the First Step Congratulations, you got the call back! All that time filling out job applications has paid off. And yet, you’re still struggling with job interview anxiety. Now, instead of filling out applications, it’s the job interview you’re worried about. Employers have job interviews … Read More

How to Avoid Bad Jobs

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Woman Flees from building where she has a bad job.

Written by Jennifer Mayberry Graphics by Krystn Stockbridge Bad Jobs; Bad Days   Most of us have had some bad jobs and sometimes even good jobs can have bad days. “It’ll be fun,” they said. “It’ll be like acting,” they said. Then a drunk customer walks up to you, grabs the side of your face and pulls it like she’s … Read More

6 Laws Governing Unpaid Internship Programs

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A female warrior with scimitar and a crouching knight in heavy armor holds a shield up against an attacking dragon. The duo exchange witty banter. Behind them in the fore ground is a castle on a hill with a treeline behind it.

Written By David Gilbert Unpaid Internship Programs: Want to Play this Game? Some companies have been running a rigged game for interns to play. Their unpaid internship programs offer the chance to gain experience but leave their interns without anything to show for their hard work. It’s similar to winning a video game without a big loot-drop at the end. … Read More

LinkedIn Attracts Recruiters: Here’s 5 Reasons Why

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A recruiter is on her laptop is searching the internet to find job candidates via LinkedIn. LinkedIn attracts recruiters by aiding them in their candidate search.

Written By Gabby LoBianco Gaining an Advantage Recruiters can be found hiding in the spotlight. Just imagine yourself playing a sport and not knowing if an agent is watching. It’s important to make yourself marketable at any time. LinkedIn provides job seekers the upper hand they need to attract recruiters. Job seekers use this platform to lay out their portfolio in … Read More

How To Find The Keywords Recruiters Are Looking For

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A woman in a business suit peers through binoculars into the distance, searching for the perfect job candidate. In the background is a LinkedIn career infographic.

Written by Jennifer Mayberry Graphics by Krystn Stockbridge Why You Need Keywords on LinkedIn So, it turns out that LinkedIn is a search engine. Like other search engines, LinkedIn uses keywords to bring up relevant results. In this case, the relevant result is you. Your skills are the keywords that will make you magically appear before a recruiter. You can … Read More