6 Laws Governing Unpaid Internship Programs

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Written By David Gilbert Unpaid Internship Programs: Want to Play this Game? Some companies have been running a rigged game for interns to play. Their unpaid internship programs offer the chance to gain experience but leave their interns without anything to show for their hard work. It’s similar to winning a video game without a big loot-drop at the end. … Read More

Mariah Carey Holiday Special!

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Happy Holidays! It is that famous time of year once again, the holiday season! Normally this is a time for being with friends and loved ones relaxing with your feet up and hot cocoa in hand, the aroma of the sweet warm melted marshmallows reaching your nose. However, it can also lead to work. Working on the holidays is never fun … Read More

Meet Crystal, Our Virtual Intern of the Month!

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Every month, we choose an intern from our SuperInterns.com team that most embodies our mission. We want people that are passionate, dedicated, and pursuing our goal: helping millions of people. This month’s Teammate of the Month is Crystal Alvarez, from HRTAS! Crystal is the recently promoted supervisor of her team and has been a fair and hard-working member of our … Read More

Meet Michelle, Our Fantastic Teammate of the Month!

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teammate of the month

Every month we like to acknowledge one of our fantastic teammates. This month’s teammate of the month is Michelle Wright, our Fantastic HR Coordinator! TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF “I am a senior undergraduate student from Dallas, TX attending Texas A&M University in College Station, TX. I’m a first-generation college student majoring in Human Resource Development with a minor in Business … Read More

Meet Nana, Our Outstanding Social Media Specialist!

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social media specialist

Written by Olivia Ferrucci Here at SuperInterns.com, we love to showcase our most hardworking, innovative team members. This month’s featured teammate is Nana Darko, our outstanding social media specialist! Recently, we talked to Nana about his education, inspirations, and how working with SuperInterns.com has helped him. Read on to learn more about our extraordinary Teammate of the Month! Tell us … Read More

Meet Janae’, Our Outstanding Graphic Design Extraordinaire!

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graphic design extraordinaire

Written by Jaydah Jacobs Here at SuperInterns.com, we celebrate exceptional teammates every month. This month, we applaud Janae’ Harris for her amazing skills as a graphic design extraordinaire! Recently, we talked to Janae’ about her talents, motivations, and experience at SuperInterns.com. Continue reading to learn more about our newest teammate of the Month! TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF “I’m a senior … Read More