The Millennial Impact on Interning

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Written by Noelle Schrock Last month, we published a blog about The Millennial Impact on Entrepreneurship. This post is the second in a new series of blogs about millennials and their impact on the business world. As a new class of college seniors is getting ready to graduate in a few months, hundreds of millennials will be joining the workforce. … Read More

Asking Employees to Mentor Teammates

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mentor teammates

Written by Noelle Schrock Whether you’re interning or have been with a business for over 15 years, the opportunity to mentor teammates and be mentored is priceless. Having a guide to turn to is essential to helping interns settle into their new job. Also, being mentored ensures interns will be more successful! But that’s not all a mentoring program can … Read More

Why You Should Love Turning Problems Into Progress

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problems into progress

Written by Jaydah Jacobs Every day there’s a new obstacle to leap over, whether it’s in your personal or professional life. You may be having a crisis at work or need help making a few adjustments to improve your business. Or maybe things in your life just aren’t going as planned. Whatever your issue is, turning your problems into progress … Read More

Everyone Needs Career Advancement Ethics and Here’s Why!

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career advancement ethics

Written by Jaydah Jacobs In a world that revolves around money, it’s often easy to forget how good career advancement ethics can help your career. Instead of doing the right thing, some people take a quicker route to meet their goals. However, sometimes those shortcuts lead you to make fast decisions that may hurt you in the long run. In … Read More

Second Semester Senior To-Do List

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second semester senior

Written by Noelle Schrock Whether you’re graduating college or high school, the last semester can be terrifying. As a second semester senior in college, I know it’s difficult to make yourself look forward to the first couple months after you graduate. So, here are the top five things you should look into doing. 1. BEEF UP YOUR RÉSUMÉ Whether you … Read More

Stay Motivated During Second Semester

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second semester

Congrats! You’re officially in your second semester of senior year. But what happens now? Basically, staying motivated can be difficult considering how rapidly your future is approaching. Whether you’re finishing high school or college, we here at have you covered. Make time for friends. After the second semester dwindles down to graduation, it’s time to realize that it’s unlikely … Read More

Take Advantage of In-Office Career Development

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in-office career development

Written by Noelle Schrock When you’re just entering the workforce, people often talk about career development. It’s about making a plan and setting goals to attain. However, it’s just as important to work towards in-office career development. You can always get ahead. Furthermore, it doesn’t matter if you’ve just been hired or you’ve been with your company for ten years. … Read More

Creating Your Career Development Playbook

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career development playbook

Written by Olivia Ferrucci Originating in sports, playbooks highlight and compile a team’s strategies. Their plays are listed in detail. Overall, the book outlines a group’s game plans. However, these compilations are by no means limited to athletics. Now, any job seeker can create their own career development playbook. Get a head start on your future! Why do I need … Read More

Advance Your Career Development at Career Fairs

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career fairs

Written by Jaydah Jacobs Advancing to the next level in life can be stressful, but it’s always worth it. Many people spend a lot of time applying for jobs on the internet hoping that their application gets noticed. This strategy may work for some people, but it’s good to know that there are other options. Career fairs happen to be … Read More

10 Examples of Socially Responsible Entrepreneurship

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socially responsible entrepreneurship

Written by Noelle Schrock Taking care of our community and our earth has been emphasized in recent years. In the bustling world of business, it can be hard to remember to be socially responsible. It’s especially important to be mindful of socially responsible entrepreneurship as the stress on being aware of the world around us increases. 1. WHAT DOES “SOCIALLY … Read More

10 Tips to Make Entrepreneurship Less Scary

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Written by Sarah Mania What’s one business move you’ve always wanted to take but have been too scared to try? If you answered that you’ve always wanted to start an entrepreneurship, you’re in luck! Today’s post is all about tricks to make being an entrepreneur less scary. Save the fright for tonight! 1. Limit your losses. “If you’re going to … Read More

Entrepreneurship: 10 Tools You Need Right Now

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Written by Olivia Ferrucci As it becomes more and more popular, the field of entrepreneurship is increasingly competitive. In fact, running a business is undoubtedly tricky. Every dollar you spend is a risk, so it’s important to have a few tricks up your sleeve. Below are just a few of the many devices you can use to hone your skills … Read More

Turn Your Passions into Business Opportunities

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business opportunities

Written by Olivia Ferrucci Too often our passions are discredited. Our education and society tell us that money outweighs happiness. However, many people fail to realize that the two can be combined. Doing what you love doesn’t have to be unrealistic! Creating business opportunities based off of your talents is as simple as you making it a priority. KNOW YOUR … Read More

MLK and Diversity in Entrepreneurship

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diversity in entrepreneurship

Written by Jaydah Jacobs As humans, we are all different. This is no surprise to us, yet we are still afraid of those differences. We often surround ourselves with people like ourselves because they make us feel more comfortable. The people you choose to connect with may look, act, talk, or dress like you. You can relate to them and … Read More

Meet Jess, Our Fantastic Graphic Design Extraordinaire!

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graphic design extraordinaire

Written by Noelle Schrock At, we like to celebrate our hard-working employees. Now, January’s teammate of the month is Jess Spaulding. She is a graphic design extraordinaire and helps create the images you often see on our blog posts. Recently, I talked to Jess about her internship. Read on to learn more about her! TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF “I’m … Read More