Stuck in Traffic and Bored

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A cat stuck in traffic saying to himself "When I am stuck in traffic, I put on my grumpy cat mask and troll people.". Stuck

When we’re on our way to work, being stuck in traffic is such a bummer. Sometimes we can sit in traffic anywhere from thirty minutes to a few hours. So what exactly do we do with all this time? Not to worry! Super Sandra to the rescue! I’ve compiled a list of fun things to do when you’re alone in … Read More

Most Asked Interview Questions (What is your philosophy towards work?)

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The image shows two women looking at a statue. The statue is thinking " I wish I didn't have to sit here all day" philosophy

What is your philosophy towards work? Have you ever thought about your philosophy towards work? Perhaps you should! The answer that will please the interviewer most will reflect maturity, enthusiasm, experience, and strong work ethics. There are no good or bad answers, only truthful ones. Whatever you say the most important thing is, be honest about it. Employers are much … Read More

Most Asked Interview Questions (How will you compensate for your lack of experience?)

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A guy never had working experience. Compensate For Lack Of Experience
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Graphic Design By Jordan Goshe How do you propose to compensate for your lack of experience? When the interviewer asks you a question like this one, it is a straight challenge question. If they didn’t think you were ready for the role, you wouldn’t have gotten a call into the interview. You need an answer with confidence, that does not … Read More

Breaking into the Gaming Industry with Virtual Internships

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While it makes billions each year with blockbusters like the Call of Duty games, the gaming industry is very difficult to break into. Internships can be your way in. As with most careers these days, browsing a company’s job page often reveals the dreaded phrase: “X years of experience required.” It’s the same old paradox: “I can’t get a job without experience, … Read More