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Days have turned in to weeks, weeks have turned in to months…and you still don’t have a job after graduation. You went to college (or are graduating soon) and thought that $40,000+ education would have landed you the career of your dreams. Oopsies.

You may be really anxious, wondering how you are going to pay back your student loans, or move out of your parents basement, or start your adult life. Trust us, we know. There are tons of reasons why you aren’t finding a job after graduation and because we understand the cause and effect of these problems, we know what the solutions are.

 If you do land an interview, do you have the experience required for the position, do you know what to say, and how to sell yourself? You might be stuck in the “I don’t have enough experience to get the job and I don’t have a job to get the experience” vortex. We know!

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