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Learn more about that how Drew Berman transformed his website, marketing, and business volume with our internship program!

What are virtual interns?

The interns we select for our clients work from around the world through our virtual framework. This arrangement allows us to choose the best and most diverse talent from a global pool. Interns also furnish their own equipment and currently demonstrate the skills you need for your company so that you’re up and running quickly.

How do I get started?

Start by filling out our Contact Form. We will reach out to you within a day of receiving your information to discuss your individual needs. Once we have established how we can accommodate your business, you can expect to have your program up and running with your first interns in a few weeks.

Why are virtual interns an asset to my business?

Virtual Interns can improve your marketing, get your website off the ground, and polish your brand with minimal time and financial investment. We do the résumé reviewing, interviewing, and portfolio perusal to find the most qualified candidates for your needs.

In addition, virtual interns are compensated through the invaluable work experience you provide, rather than the cash in your pocketbook. We tailor our internship program to meet the requirements of the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Everything you need to know about becoming a Super Intern!

What kind of internships do we offer?

We have a diverse and constantly growing business clientele. We currently offer internships in 7 fields such as graphic design and web design, PR, video production, business positions, and copywriting, not to mention an “other” field. No matter where your career planning has taken you, if you can work virtually, there’s a virtual internship for you!

See the types of internships we offer on our Get an internship page.

How does the virtual internship program work?

Just fill out the Contact Form to let us know more about your current interests and skills.

Then, relax. We contact you to further discuss your needs and goals so we can match you with an internship position.

You’ll go through an interview process to meet your potential employer and find out more about the position.

Why are virtual internships beneficial?

Internships are an amazing opportunity for career planning! They give you the experience you need to express your passions, tailor your skills, and transition into the job market. They can even shape your goals and the types of companies you pursue in the long run.

SuperInterns.com works on a global scale, which means we can find you opportunities to do the same.

The flexibility of virtual internships is unrivaled. You can work from home, your favorite coffee shop, school, and around your current schedule. SuperInterns.com’s virtual internship program makes it possible to embrace your desired career path and your favorite pair of PJs at the same time!

Hear more about why our interns love their positions on our Testimonials page.

How are interns compensated?

We tailor our internship program to the requirements of the Fair Labor Standards Act to ensure that virtual interns receive learning opportunities that facilitate talent development, career planning, skills growth, portfolio building, and experience working in professional environments.

You determine and set goals for what you want to gain from your internship. Whether or not you are paid depends on the employer and company you work for. But regardless, SuperInterns.com has a system in place to make sure companies compensate you through the learning experiences YOU define.

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