Internship & Career Planning FAQs

About superinterns.

Julie Braun by night, Super Julie by day! Of course, this only applies when she actually takes a break. She wasn’t bit by a spider, or exposed to Kryptonite. Instead, her corporate career experiences led her to an epiphany that changed her vision for impacting businesses and career seekers worldwide.

Executive Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer, Creative Director, Julie had done it all in her corporate career. She had contributed to doubling the profit of Carter’s Childrenswear from $500 million to over $1 billion in a mere 18 months, and held top positions at other big names like Victoria’s Secret, MTV, Bath and Body Works, Estée Lauder, and Nike. But Julie’s passion and drive could be satiated by none. It was time to start a new company of her own. How to accomplish this… interns!

It was an electric epiphany for Julie! Clouds rolled in, rain poured, lightening struck, she guzzled her coffee- this was Seattle after all. In that moment, Julie Braun became Super Julie! She has yet to put down the caffeine. Since the birth of, Super Julie has been bringing better ROI to businesses, empowering interns, and coaching career planning ever since.

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At, we believe every business or organization, no matter what the size or scope, can benefit from working with interns. On the flip side, every career seeker has incredible potential that can be unlocked if they are given an opportunity to develop. Businesses, interns, startups, for-purpose organizations, career seekers, and those in need globally; is passionate about empowering all with our growth oriented services and dedication to philanthropy.

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Starting An Internship Program.

In short, virtual interns are just about anything you want them to be! The interns we select for our clients work from around the world through our virtual framework. This arrangement allows us to choose the best and most diverse talent from a global pool. Interns also furnish their own equipment, and currently demonstrate the skills you need for your company so that you’re up and running quickly.

In addition, virtual interns are compensated through the invaluable work experience you provide, rather than the cash in your pocket book. We tailor our internship program to meet the requirements of the Fair Labor Standards Act.

We want to ensure that virtual interns receive the learning opportunity that our clients wish to provide them and clients experience the skills set and fresh perspective interns bring to business!

For less than the cost of one full-time employee salary, we equip you with as much intern expertise and as many Virtual Interns as you require. Don’t pinch yourself just yet!

No one knows how to run your business and what it calls for better than you. Maybe you could use some extra hands to help with the gritty details. You have many talents, but there’s no need to be a graphic designer, search engine optimization specialist, web designer, AND business owner all-in-one! We do the résumé reviewing, interviewing, and portfolio perusal to find the most qualified candidates for your needs.

Virtual Interns can improve your marketing, get your website off the ground, and polish your brand with minimal time and financial investment. Not to mention, they free you of surprise costs like interview time, paid hours, additional training, and equipment expenses – extra sleep guaranteed.

Learn how Drew Berman transformed his website, marketing, and business volume with our internship program!

So you have decided you are ready to take a plunge into the exciting possibilities that Virtual Interns can bring your business! But first, we need to know that. We may be super, but not all of us can read minds! You can let us know by submitting a contact request. Tell us about your business, the interns of your dreams, and your expectations.

Next we receive your request, and jump in with you. Within a day, will contact you to work together on customizing our Virtual Internship Program to suit your needs. No two businesses require the same program or interns. We create your Virtual Internship Program based on your unique business.

Then, we design the components of your virtual platform and teach you the basics. Every step of the way you get the support that you require to use the program, manage interns, communicate virtually, and even identify potential within your company to improve your efficiency and workflow with additional interns.

Most importantly: Those interns you were dreaming about? We make them a reality. We seek interns based on your expectations. Every type of intern exists somewhere. And because our interns work virtually, we can find the right person for you no matter where they may be. From Texas to Timbuktu, has you covered.

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Start right now by filling out our Contact Form. We will reach out to you within a day of receiving your information to discuss your individual needs. Once we have established how we can accommodate your business, you can expect to have your program up and running with your first interns in a few weeks.

Seeking An Internship.

We have a diverse and constantly growing business clientele seeking even more diverse interns. We currently offer internships in 13 fields such as graphic design and web design, PR, video production, business positions, and copywriting, not to mention an “other” field. No matter where your career planning has taken you, if you can work virtually, there’s a virtual internship for you!

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Internships are an amazing opportunity for career planning! They give you the experience you need to express your passions, tailor your skills, and transition into the job market. They can even shape your goals and the types of companies you pursue in the long run.

Now, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut when the type of internship you seek seems to be missing in your area. That’s where comes to the rescue!

Unlike the connection from the friend who knows a friend, who has a cousin, etc., virtual internships are limitless. works on a global scale, which means we can find you opportunities to do the same. Instead of interning across town you could intern for a company across continents, and with that comes optimal access to opportunities in the field of your pursuit.

If the career planning perks are not enough, get ready to say goodbye to the missed busses, crawling traffic, and cubicle captivity. The flexibility of virtual internships is unrivaled. You can work from home, your favorite coffee shop, school, and around your current schedule.’s virtual internship program makes it possible to embrace your desired career path and your favorite pair of PJs at the same time!

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First, close out of all of your other internship search sites. At, we have a one-and-done process: Just fill out the Contact Form to let us know more about your current interests and skills.

Then, relax. We contact you to further discuss your needs and goals so we can match you with an internship position. By taking the extra applications and guesswork involved in scoping positions out of the equation, we find you the ideal position, and our company clientele well-suited interns such as yourself.

Eventually we find you a fit (cue: “yippee!”, * sigh of relief *, and/or cheers). At this point you go through an interviewing process to meet your potential employer and find out more about the position straight from the source.

If the interview goes well, you put on your cape and accept your position. Congratulations on taking your next step in career planning! We train and support all of our company clientele in using our tried and true web-based programs. This means you get as much guidance as you need in using programs that allow you to work virtually by simplifying your ability to communicate, collaborate, and organize your work processes online.

The learning experience of interns is our top priority. This means you won’t be fetching coffee, stapling papers, or * cough * photocopying body parts.

We tailor our internship program to the requirements of the Fair Labor Standards Act to ensure that virtual interns receive learning opportunities that facilitate talent development, career planning, skills growth, portfolio building, and experience working in professional environments.

You determine and set goals for what you want to gain from your internship. Whether or not you are paid depends on the employer and company you work for. But regardless, has a system in place to make sure companies compensate you through the learning experiences YOU define.

Career Coaching.

Most of us have presented sub-par resumés, shaky interviews, or fallen short in some way. Our Career Coaches have been there and done that. The difference is, our coaches have learned from their mistakes and perfected their approach to the application and career planning processes. Teaching these super skills is their passion. In addition, career coaches from receive continuous education to stay up to date with current hiring standards. They have cracked the HR code and with their help, you can too.

All of the time you spend writing resumés, pounding out cover letters, and interviewing adds up. Maybe you spent 5 hours on the application process and didn’t get the position. That’s 5 episodes of your favorite TV show, a night out, 5 hours of work, a clean house, or another position you could have been pursuing! And how many positions have you applied for?

At, we get it: Career planning and pursuit is work, time, and money! Career coaching is an investment that saves you the hassle in the long run. With a few hours of coaching you will be ready and prepared to distinguish yourself from competing applicants, apply more efficient and effectively, streamline your career planning, and nail an interview.

Yes, you still have to make it with company representatives. HR may seem like your biggest obstacle right now, but we know exactly how you can make them an open gateway to any company. Our Super Career Coaches can teach you all the powers you need to demolish any barrier to career success.
We offer coaching in one-hour sessions. That means in the time you spent watching one episode of your favorite show(s), you could be learning skills that get you off of the couch and into the position of your dreams. Not to mention, you can schedule as many coaching sessions as you need. They’re a great way to continually polish your game and keep up with career planning.
You can start as soon as you fill out our Contact Form. We will be in touch within a day or two to discuss your interests, goals, and find a career coach that works for you!

Press and Media.

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