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Have you submitted a hundred applications, with few responses? Or have you asked yourself if that college debt was worth the effort? Do you feel that finding a job shouldn’t be this difficult? If so, you’re not alone.

Why are virtual internships important?

Networking with Professionals

We have all heard the statement, “It’s not what you know, but who you know.” Sometimes a degree or certification isn’t enough in this competitive job market. You may have realized your professional network needs to grow. With a virtual internship, you can start making the connections necessary to get your foot in the door. Many of our interns have found mentors to help guide them in the professional goals. There’s no need to wait, you can start making connections today!

Strengthening Your Resume

You’ve visited the job boards, and seen even entry-level positions requiring years of experience. Most businesses don’t have the resources to train employees, so they ask for prior experience. So, does that mean your application is passed over, despite your drive and dedication? At, those are the type of qualities we’re looking for. We can help you gain the experience employers are looking for. Simply fill out our contact form, and let us help you strengthen your resume.

Equal Opportunity for All

Maybe you’re retired, and are seeking more personal interaction. Or perhaps you’ve fallen on hard times and are looking for a way to get back on your feet. You could be a veteran, or seeking a career change. At, we offer the same opportunities to everyone. Internships are commonly associated with students or recent graduates, but that’s not a requirement. Our virtual internships have a target age of 18 to 88 years old. Regardless of your circumstances, we can help you make the changes your seeking.

Doing Everything Virtually

You may be asking yourself, “When will I have to time to do a virtual internship?” We understand the commitments required for responsibilities such as family, work, and study. That’s the beauty of our virtual internships. You can plan your internship requirements around your schedule. Everything is assigned, conducted, and accounted for online. All we ask is you dedicate ten hours a week.

Explore our Variety of Virtual Internships

Content Writer

Do you like to write about what you’re doing at work? Are you constantly writing on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn? A virtual internship in content writing provides the experience needed to turn causal website visitors into customers. Our internships teach you content writing fundamentals, giving you the experience employers are looking for.

Video Mogul

With the ever-growing demand for video content, our Video Mogul Team provides you the chance to showcase your abilities. Popular sites like YouTube and have given businesses new ways to promote themselves. Learn how to edit video, exercise your creativity in production, and use advanced software like Adobe Premier Pro.

Graphic Designer

Are you able to communicate your ideas without words? Apply your drawing skills as a Graphic Design Extraordinaire. You will work with Photoshop and Illustrator to turn simple designs into bold, eye-catching graphics. Work with our other teams to capture the intent of their writing, and turn it into meaningful visual representations.

Human Resources Recruiter

If discovering talent seems exciting, then becoming a human resource talent scout is the perfect opportunity. Businesses need experienced HR representatives to find employees with the right talent and passion. You’ll gain experience in conducting interviews, reviewing resumes, and matching requirements.

Web Designer

Do you have an eye for design? As a Web Designer, you’ll learn how colors, layout and graphics should be organized so the reader feels intrigued by our website. Work as part of a team, and increase your knowledge of HTML, CSS, and PHP. Gain invaluable experience working on live web pages as one of our Web Designers.

IT Security

As cyber threats increase daily, safeguarding a company’s information and assets is more crucial than ever. Virtual internships as an IT Security Sentinel provide experience in the procedures and security measures needed to protect the infrastructure of our website and other social media platforms.

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“Turning an HR Internship into a Career!

Michele Shareef – Former Sr. HR Recruiter

“The connections I’ve made and the experiences that I’ve had at has been priceless. This revolutionary program has really prepared me for the business world!”

Asha Muralidharan – Web Copywriter