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Do you apply to a hundred places and only get five responses in return? Do you ask yourself, Why did I go to school just to be in debt in the first place? Do you feel like getting a job shouldn’t be this difficult? If you feel like this, you are not alone.

The fact is, experience lands you the job, but education is just a secondary requirement. Virtual Internships explain to businesses that, “Hey, I know what I’m doing and I was successful with this business.” It says that you don’t need to be trained and that businesses owners don’t need to worry. Have a voice with our experience that will help with your job search. Get virtual internships by filling out the form below.

Why are virtual internships important?

Networking with Professionals.

The old statement still stands today, “Sometimes it’s not about what you know, but who you know.” Sometimes a degree or certification isn’t enough in this competitive job market. Virtual internships help people network with professionals that can give you the right connections to get your “foot in the door”. This networking experience and interaction with professionals is important for career success. Skype, LinkedIn, and Facebook are just a couple of our networking and communication advantages provided from our virtual internships.

In many of our virtual internships, a bond between the intern and the professional turns into a mentoring experience. Having a mentor is a rare thing to come by and the mentor’s guidance is probably something that you will keep for the rest of your life! Explore all these possibilities to increase your earning potential at

Strengthening Your Résumé.

Does the experience column of your résumé consist of jobs that don’t pertain to your career? Do you have any experience at all? Most businesses don’t have the time or money to train employees, so they ask for prior experience for the jobs they’re offering. Human resources will then look for applicants that have experience included in their résumé.

This probably meant that your application wasn’t even read because of the initial requirements, regardless if you’re had the passion, the drive, or the dedication. Virtual Internships from mainly looks for these qualities. Our virtual internships offer that work experience that businesses are looking for. Virtual internships help strengthen your résumé to future employers!

Appealing to All Ages and Situations.

Are you retired and want interaction with the world again? Were you unfortunately incarcerated and now nobody will give you a chance at a decent job? Are you a veteran that served our country and are now back into a society that is unfamiliar to you? Have you changed your major so many times you lost count?

The image of an intern is usually represented by a student. Contrary to your brief, our virtual internships are actually for all ages and situations. Whether you want to feel connected with the world again or have had several career changes, we want you for our virtual internships. Our virtual internships have a target age of 18 to 88 years old, so you can get a second chance to do what you always wanted. Don’t ever feel like you’re too old or it’s been too long to get involved! Encourage yourself to make a change now.

Doing Everything Virtually.

You’re probably asking yourself, “When will I have the time to do this virtual internship?” You might also be immediately answering your own question with, “I have responsibilities, children, a family, and a current job to take care of! I don’t have time to drive to this internship every day!”

That’s the beauty of our virtual internships. You can work on our assignments at any time that is good for you. You don’t have to drive anywhere. You can work on your virtual internships at home when the children are sleeping. Everything is assigned, scheduled, and accounted for online virtually. All we ask for is that you dedicate ten hours a week to our virtual internships. There is no excuse why anyone couldn’t take advantage of this opportunity. Enjoy this virtual experience today!

These are the kinds of internships we don’t offer.

Check out this hilarious video created by our interns! 

Explore our Variety of Virtual Internships.

Creative Writing Minds.

Do you want to write? Look at the types of creative virtual internships we offer. Virtual internships in these particular platforms advance your knowledge about search engine optimization (SEO) which is valuable to organizations.

Are you constantly writing on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, and LinkedIn? Focus your creative writing and communication skills to specific platforms and market our vision as a Social Media Specialist.

Do you like visual platforms like YouTube as well? We got you covered! Use your incredible talents in writing with our virtual internships in social media and specialize in different platforms.

Social Media Specialists.

Blogger Extraordinaire.

Are you dedicated to the organization you are working for? Do you like to write about the things you are doing at work? Virtual internships in blogging give teammates the experience to turn casual website visitors into customers.

Search engines rank websites based on their “keyword-rich content” that bloggers write for their organization. Our virtual internships teach bloggers how to think about SEO in their writing. This gives our organization better odds of viewers connecting to the website though our blog post offerings. After working as a blogger for, you will be equipped to prove your expertise to job seekers. Our virtual internships teach you the fundamentals of blogging and how to drive traffic to your copy write.

Do you like a little mix of everything? Then we have the job for you. The Newsletter Ninjas build our newsletter from the ground up. They write all the stories, make all the themes, and finally distribute the newsletters.

This virtual internship is impressive to put on our résumé because there are so many skills to be obtained from our virtual internships. Find exciting ways to attract readers by catching their appeal with your brilliant layout, copywriting, and graphics. In these virtual internships, you will be able to show your résumé with pride knowing the experience you have gained. Be impressive with our virtual internships as a Newsletter Ninja.

Newsletter Ninja.

Inspiring Web Copywriter.

Do you want to be the voice for your organization’s website? Are you passionate about sharing that vision through your writing? Web Copywriters have to know the vision and culture of the organization. These virtual internships require the knowledge of SEO, the ability to write creatively, and for you to know your targeted audiences.

This career field is rising in potential due to the fact that almost every organization now has a website and it needs to be updates every couple years. Web copywriters work hand in hand with graphic and web designers, so communication skills with team members is learned in these virtual internships. Do something exciting with your writing and capture the frustrations and pain of your audience by learning the skills of a web copywriter.

Do you like to write, make scripts, and inspire people? Do you want to change people’s future by guiding them in the right path? The Project Development Team is responsible for deciding what products and services will be needed to excel our organization into success. This is implemented though making scripts that turn into video compilations.

These kinds of virtual internships provide an understanding of how to move the company forward with modules and step-by-step procedures. After picking the right types of communication tactics (such as an eBook, classes, or web seminars) the team of virtual interns will formulate a plan, communicate to other team members, and make the decision to move forward. Innovation and leadership are greatly encouraged for these virtual internships in Product Development.

Product Developer.

Masters of Imagery.

Do you like to draw or create images? Look at these positions we offer.

Video Mogul.

Has making films and images always been your ideal dream job? With the ever-growing demand for promoting video content for organizations, virtual internships on the Video Mogul Team are interesting and give the interns a great chance to show their skills.

Popular sites like YouTube and have given businesses new ways to promote themselves. Learn how to edit video, use your creativity in video production, and use advanced software like Adobe Premier Pro all from the convenience of your home as a virtual intern.

Were you constantly drawing during boring high school classes? Are you able to visually show your idea without words? Take your drawing skills and put them to good use as a Graphic Designer Extraordinaire. These virtual internships train you to have a good eye for attractive and innovative graphics.

With our virtual internships in graphics, you will be working with Photoshop and Illustrator to turn boring designs into bold and eye-catching graphics. Graphic Designers Extraordinaire work with Bloggers Extraordinaire, Web Copywriters, and Newsletter Ninjas to capture the heart behind the writing and turn that into visual representations. Show your artistic ability as a graphic designer.

Graphic Design Extraordinaire.

Amazing Animator.

Do you like to make your images and drawings come to life? Virtual internships in the Amazing Animator Team allow teammates to showcase their skills by animating the scripts we provide and making our story come to life.

Scripting, editing, and promoting videos are just some of the experiences you will learn as a part of this team. Your animations will be added to videos that help promote our vision. Start your animated experience with these virtual internships today!!

Awesome Communicators.

Do want better people skills? Check out the openings on these teams.

Do you have a raw talent for getting people excited for public events? Do you like talking about your organization?

Creating awareness and building anticipation as a public relations agent means promoting the business. These virtual internships put teammates as part of the company image for managing media campaigns, writing company releases, and getting the business heard. This virtual internship opportunity is unique because each teammate gains experience by engaging agencies to help market their company to its highest potential.

Public Relations Agent.

Human Resources Talent Scout.

Do you have a knack for finding potential talents and recruiting the right employee for the job? If spotting successful employees seems exciting, then becoming a human resource talent scout is the perfect opportunity for you. Businesses need experienced HR representatives that can find employees that have the right talent and passion.

Our virtual internships give you “hands on” experience by choosing our virtual interns for our company. HR virtual interns gain experience of what to look for in an interview, knowing key points in a résumé, and knowing the qualities for multiple positions. Our virtual internships let you practice your scouting talent so you can pick out the best employees.

Technological Geniuses.

Do you like coding and information? Check out these openings.

Were you good at making science project poster boards as a kid? Are you able to know what looks appealing and what doesn’t? Virtual internships as a Web Design Wizard need to understand how colors, the layout, the copywriting, and the graphics should be organized so that the reader feels intrigued to be on our website.

Theses virtual internships require the knowledge of HTML, CSS, and PHP skills as a requirement to this position. You will learn how to design wireframes, outlines, and layouts. You will communicate with many other teammates to come out with a product together. All this experience is invaluable because you use your skills on real web pages which will gain real experience on our website. Not many organizations would allow this “hands on training” with their own website. Take advantage of this unique opportunity.

Web Design Wizard.

IT Intellect.

Are you a natural problem solver? Do technology and troubleshooting seem like things that interest you? Our virtual internships on the IT Intellects Team requires the intern to diagnose problems with specialized platforms an===d recognize issues that happen with the website.

IT Intellects also setup the emails of all new interns for our organization. IT Intellects are constantly looking for errors and finding vulnerabilities in the website and in specialized platforms. This is excellent hands-on experience to learn about IT and definitely a résumé builder. People that don’t have experience in IT should seriously consider virtual internships at

As computer security is becoming more relevant every day, safeguarding companies’ information and assets is more crucial than ever for business owners. Virtual internships as an IT Security Sentential will show interns the correct procedures and security measures to maintain and protect the IT infrastructure for our website and other specialized social media platforms.

With the amount of companies that lose revenue and the increased expense on disaster recovery due to poor authorization and accessibility, the business cypher security is an invaluable skill to have in today’s computer networks and databases and is taught to our virtual interns. Learn these extraordinaire skills as an IT Security Sentential with virtual internships at!

IT Security Sentential.

Business Data Dynamo.

Becoming a Business Data Dynamo uses analytical skills to organize data and shapes business strategy. These virtual internships explain how to create detailed reports by number crunching. This position requires each teammate to provide information to a specific team within the business, track the applicant within the organization, and create their own databases for the information they collect.

This position offers a great deal of experience with gathering information, building databases, and communicating to other teams about what the information represents. These types of virtual internships are important for companies to safely gather important documents and that the business can access it at any time. This experience is needed at any organization and is valuable experience that can’t be found in a classroom.

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