Our Team.

Meet Our Superheroes.

Super Julie Braun

Founder and CEO
Location: Seattle, WA
Superpowers: A Keen sense of smell and a powerful ring that can shoot a beacon into the sky to summon an army of Super Interns in a flash.

William Howard

SR. HR Talent Acquisition Specialist
Location: California
Superpowers: Diligent use of resources to make for excellent recruiting.

Lauren Bundy

Sr. HR Talent Acquisition Specialist
Location: Ohio
Superpowers: Delivering positivity and enthusiasm to meet deadlines.

Ariel Hodges

Sr. HR Coordinator LEAD
Location: North Carolina
Superpowers: Stellar Leadership and Diplomacy combo platter is what Ariel is known for.

Krystal Pfaffinger

Sr. HR Talent Scout
Location: Florida
Superpowers: Possess tenacity and grit when recruiting new teammates.

Danyelle Ledford

Sr. Web Design Wizard
Location: South Carolina
Superpowers: Excellence in communication for outstanding problem solving.

Angela Blackman

Graphic Design Extraordinaire
Location: South Carolina
Superpowers: Creativity and the ability to translate words into pictures is Angela’s fantastical superpower.

Nana Darko

Social Media Specialist
Location: Ohio
Superpowers: Help people on YouTube from the shadows.

Ruby Hoffacker

Sr. Web Design Wizard
Location: Washington
Superpowers: I have the ability to see into the future.  I believe everyone can succeed. I believe in you and your abilities!

Namrata Jha

Sr. HR Coordinator
Location: New Jersey
Superpowers: Extreme Talent & Organizing Process and Helping People.

Noelle Schrock

Blogger Extraordinaire
Location: Indiana
Superpowers: Uses determination to connect the facts in order to promote interest and understanding.

Tahj Gayfield

Web Design Wizard
Location: Missouri
Superpowers: Able to see the positive in any situation.

Alicia Chew

Social Media Specialist
Location: New York
Superpowers: Able to whip out magical and inspirational content for aspiring interns and present entrepreneurs.

Michelle Wright

Sr. HR Coordinator
Location: Texas
Superpowers: Unparalleled ability to set others up for success.

Daniel Diaz

Sr. Legal Researcher
Location: New York
Superpowers: A keen eye for unearthly Legal Research talent.

Ethan Young

Sr. Video Mogul
Location: Florida
Superpowers: Ability of using positivity to bring the Video Mogul team together, and amplify team efficiency/video editing abilities.

Eben Selker

Sr. Graphic Design Extraordinaire
Location: California
Superpowers: The stunning power to make fresh, intriguing graphics and illustrations appear with just a few tablet strokes.

Myrna Figueroa Lopez

Sr. IT Security
Location: Georgia
Superpowers: Foreseeing security problems before they happen.

Mariama Gomes

Web Design Wizard
Location: Rhode Island
Superpowers: Ability to learn new skills in a flash!

Lindi Anderson

Location: Illinois
Superpowers: Able to create comedic videos to deliver important SuperInterns.com.

Arrica Gonzalez

Sr. HR Talent Acquisition Specialist
Location: Florida
Superpowers: Able to shine a light through stressful situations with a bright smile and a positive attitude to deliver results.


Super Intern
Location: Anywhere
Superpowers: Do you have what it takes to be part of the Super Interns Team? Learn more about our internships and apply today!