How to Avoid Bad Jobs

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Woman Flees from building where she has a bad job.

Written by Jennifer Mayberry Graphics by Krystn Stockbridge Bad Jobs; Bad Days   Most of us have had some bad jobs and sometimes even good jobs can have bad days. “It’ll be fun,” they said. “It’ll be like acting,” they said. Then a drunk customer walks up to you, grabs the side of your face and pulls it like she’s … Read More

5 Reasons Why Attracting Recruiters is Important

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Man standing in the middle of a circle of recruiters in business suits and wearing bright yellow costume and a funny hat singing into a microphone, "All I need is half a chance. a second thought, a second glance, I will prove I've got whatever it takes."

Written by David Miller Graphics by Gabby Krause Recruiters: Who Needs Them? Everyone seeking a good job needs to know why attracting recruiters is important. Recruiters are to online applications what a 1969 Ford Mustang is to a 1979 Escort. Both are vehicles, and both can get you from place to place, but only one is truly the car you … Read More