How and Why Military Spouse Networking Works

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Written by David Gilbert 4th Graphic Design by Sandi Brabaw Military Spouse Networking Being a military spouse is like a full-time job without benefits, and no pay. You may find it difficult to maintain a professional career. As you’ve probably figured out, the military wants a lot from you. For instance, you must be able to adapt to drastic change … Read More

Should you put Your Milspouse Status on LinkedIn?

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Written by Jennifer Mayberry Graphic Design by Krystn Stockbridge Milspouse Applicants There are plenty of highly qualified milspouse applicants out there. Many have advanced degrees. In fact, many milspouses are overeducated and overqualified for the positions they get. Unfortunately, when military spouses apply to jobs that do match their qualifications, they often encounter a frustrating cycle of rejection based on … Read More

Remote Work for Military Spouses

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Written by David Gilbert 4th Graphics by Sandi Brabaw The Military Spouse Dilemma As a military spouse, you have it rough. Living your life constantly on the move can be stressful. Especially, when transfers can happen at any time. As a result of these transfers, gaining employment can be a challenge. However, remote work for military spouses can help ease … Read More