Your Personal Brand as a Military Spouse

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Woman is painting and thinking how she can create her personal brand identity.

Written by Gabriella Lobianco Graphic Design by Andrea Dove What is a Personal Brand? Your personal brand is how you tell others about yourself. It can be through clothes, skills, or anything that makes you, you. When you create your personal brand, you separate yourself from the next person. By being a military spouse, you’re even more unique than the … Read More

Why you Need a Visual Identity for Your Personal Brand and how Stevie Nicks can Help

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Woman stands onstage telling jokes that no one finds funny. She needs a visual identity and a personal brand.

Written by Jennifer Mayberry Graphic Design by Krystn Stockbridge Visual Language. As job seekers today, we’re forced to compete for attention online. Standing out in the endless stream of words can be hard. Images, however, allow viewers to understand ideas in seconds. That’s why a visual identity can help people recognize your brand immediately and remember it later. Visual Identity … Read More