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For years, we have been saving business owners from the perils of perpetual exhaustion, career seekers from professional pitfalls, and virtual interns from unpolished portfolios. The only thing we like better than passing along the cape is hearing about the lasting impact of our work from clients of all kinds. Pull up a chair and read all our successes straight from our clients and virtual interns about company growth and career seeking successes straight from the source:

Businesses brag about their success

Peter Sena II
CEO Digital Surgeons

“SuperInterns.com helped us revolutionize the way we hire. Thanks to their business, our hires have successfully become a great addition to our core team.”

Drew Berman
CEO DrewBerman.com →

“Each intern is putting together systems and processes within multiple divisions of my company. They are helping it grow and be profitable. The team really over-delivers in their service, their attitude, and their expertise. I am getting a lot of value out of my relationship with SuperInterns.com.”

“Before meeting SuperInterns.com, I had to do it all. We needed a team. Investing not only helped me grow my business, but helped me sharpen my passion and strengths by paying it forward and sharing my knowledge with others. Without my virtual interns, we wouldn’t have launched our program. SuperInterns.com is the best in virtual interns.”

William Belle
CEO Colure Media →

“Before SuperInterns.com took over, we were busy putting out so many fires, that we sort of lost the passion for what we were doing and what we enjoy most. For those employers out there who are wearing a lot of hats, this is a great investment…I believe for entrepreneurs and business owners who have things in place, or don’t, this is a great program to invest in. Well worth the money!”

Becca Atkins
CEO Artreach, Inc →

“The SuperInterns.com has helped Artreach in so many ways. Working with virtual interns is a win-win. Artreach receives work product like graphics, websites, event support, good press – while the virtual interns have the opportunity to practice their chops and develop new skills while doing meaningful work. As a mental health agency, Artreach has advanced not only from the work of the interns, but from the process of learning to run a virtual internship program. With the help of SuperInterns.com, the foundation of our internship “factory” is solidly in place. As a result, we can take on new interns, knowing it will save us time and yield good work while ensuring that each intern is able to advance his or her career goals.”



“SuperInterns.com helps you figure out your path and your career choice. It gave me real experience as a project manager and allowed me to focus on what my passion was. I was easily able to find a job with the experience I gained and added it to my resume. I got a start up job and moved up quickly. This is truly the best career guidance I have ever received because I learned and got “on the job experience” at the same time. Don’t miss out on an amazing opportunity to advance your skill sets.”

Felicia Young
Graphic Designer Kashmir World Foundation →

“Being at SuperInterns.com was one of the greatest choices I had made for my life. They helped me gain the knowledge to make a connection with others in my career field. I also learned how to negotiate what I deem my skills and knowledge are worth. I was able to gain the confidence and determination to go for the career I dreamed of.”

Noah Netzhammer
Human Resources Partner Harrah's New Orleans →

"SuperInterns.com gave me the foundation that I was able to build my Human Resources career on. By the conclusion of my internship, I felt confident that I had the knowledge and experience to go after the jobs I really wanted. They showed me the best practices in searching for a job, acing the interview, and negotiating the best offer. As a Human Resources Partner at one of the largest worldwide entertainment organizations, I am grateful for the professional guidance SuperInterns.com provided me."

Bhushan S. Jíbhakaŧe
Technical Solutions Engineer Barracuda →

"I highly recommend SuperInterns.com! Not only are they providing internships but they give the opportunity to improve soft skills, career and networking guidance through weekly team meetings, podcast etc. If it weren’t for them, I would not have the career I currently have. In a word, SuperInterns.com is SUPER!"

Shauntice Martin
Paralegal Chicago Tenants Rights Law →

“School is a safe place and can only prepare you for so much. The real world is unpredictable and scary. But thanks to Superinterns.com I was so much more confident and prepared. I had a great support staff who helped me grow and taught me professionalism, good work ethics, communication, dedication, and different ways to view the same idea. When I went out job hunting, I had mentors and peers who helped me from SuperInterns.com and I’ll forever be honored for their dedication and willingness to help me grow. This internship was a great experience in which I cherish and will forever be honored to have been a part of.”

Jayme Severance
Technical Solutions Engineer HeartBrain →

"I just completed my first project as a contract copywriter for a local marketing firm. I can tell you right off the bat, the time management skills I learned at SuperInterns.com really put what I charge per project in perspective. It’s a great place to build a resume…my career counselor is impressed with my ability to communicate and take the initiative to start a project…I couldn’t have done it without SuperInterns.com. I owe you guys!"

Morgan Shulski
Client Service Analyst Highmark Inc. →

“As a public relations agent, it’s my job to know the ins and outs the company, and I feel so passionate for what SuperInterns.com do and the difference they can make in the world. Underclassman reading this, I highly suggest you get an internship with them if it’s at all related to what you want to do in life. It feels amazing that I have personally helped this company, reassuring why I got in to public relations in the first place. I’m going to care about the success of this company long after I’m gone. Hence why, even though I have a full-time job that is about to begin, I haven’t actually “left” my internship yet."

Zakiya Konadu
Human Resources San Francisco 49ers →

“I learned how to be a better communicator and gained a greater understanding of the inner workings of the human resource department. I can't wait to take the skills I learned at SuperInterns.com and apply them to my future career.”

Maida Cervania
Graphic Designer   Happy Education Consulting →

“Working with SuperInterns.com has been a very nurturing experience for me. Despite my being a very quiet person, I was recognized as having the potential to take on a leadership position and was quickly promoted to a senior position. Thanks for this experience, I find that I am more confident in myself.”

Arianne Agunod
Technical Recruiter NuAxis Innovations →

“SuperInterns.com provided me with more than the work experience and opportunity to explore new fields that brought me to them – I received the healthy reality check and energetic guidance I needed to recharge my ambition and strengthen my confidence. I came away feeling more prepared for the working world and excited to set and achieve new career goals. I’ll be taking the lessons in confidence, communication, and networking with me wherever I go!”

Marko Pavicevic
Recruiter Recruiter →

“Working at SuperInterns.com was such a valuable experience. Not only did I learn how scouting and recruitment works, but I’ve also improved my communication skills. Being in this internship showed me how to work in a diverse and awesome team and I felt there was someone there to guide me and help me out each step of the way. The career guidance I’ve received has made me into the professional I am today. I am confident it wouldn’t have happened without them.”


Darrin Heald
Internship Manager Southern New Hampshire University

“SuperInterns.com has been a wonderful benefit to our online students. They provide a platform that allows our students -- many of whom are parents, work full-time, and are first-generation college students -- to learn real-world skills that help them feel more prepared for the workforce in a flexible way.”

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